Developer - Back end (17315)

Praha, Brno
6/2020 (1m)
Kontrakt přes CP
120 000 CZK
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We are offering a remote project for Back-end developer. If you are interested contact me for this opportunity.

Nástup: ASAP
Forma spolupráce: IČO
Lokalita: Praha, Brno - 100% Home -office

Project description:
-Vulnerability Management is responsible for oversight of all IT Security Vulnerabilities and
has crafted an in-house tool called IT360 to help import, aggregate, score, group, and list
all such vulnerability findings for process stakeholders
-We are looking for a .Net/SQL developer to help support this initiative in our back end
coding and database processes, specifically to help us fill the need to expand the scope
of this tool as the scope of our department's role is also expanded

-Ability to Handle a Stressful, High-Change Environment
-Be able to handle change, work with a team
-Experience with SVN or Git (Preferably Both)
-Source Code Control Awareness
-Familiarity with Design Patterns (Algorithms etc.)
-Related Admin Skills: How to RDP, Manage Servers
-Working experience with technical validation and conditional logic
-Experience with importing large data sets
-Agile Experience/Lean Design and Programming
-SSIS Package Experience and Import Experience (especially for non-CMA sources)
-Fluency in English