Javascript developer Junior / Senior - Ostrava (17869)

Měsíčně:70 000 CZK
Začátek:1/2020, Délka: HPP
Home office:40%
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Our client specialize in tech development and testing, from platforms, frameworks, and applications is now would like someone who knows JavaScript – React, Angular, Node.js.
They have customers around the world, and we’re currently working on 12 projects – The projects are from Americans, some straight out of Silicon Valley.

- location: Ostrava
- type of collaboration: pernament placement or freelance

About the project:
- 12 various project 
- a) fully-automated spending and expense management software. It tracks company expenses and provides real-time budget insight
- b) learing platform - audio-guided experiences led by an expert and features curated resources, videos, articles and activities that make learning convenient, no matter where you are or how much time you have to learn.

- You know how to work with JavaScript – ideally Angluar/ReactJS/Node.js,
- You have experience in software development or testing,
- You know Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins/TeamCity, REST API, You speak English (communication with the US),

Don’t have work experience yet? No problem! Since they’re building out a bigger team, there are positions appropriate for both experienced and beginner software engineers. 
Those with more experience can help lead and teach colleagues with less experience, and our senior developers will look after those without experience.

About our client: 
They appreciate our people and you can see it in how we pay them – we divide 25% of the company’s profit amongst you.
They’ll talk very specifically about compensation details, but we’ll do that in person. 
They take things like performance, experience, independence, and approach into account when differentiating from person to person.
They collaborate with universities, we hold our our hackathon, and we co-host MovingFast meetups – this gives us the best overview of technologies for continuous innovation. 
We use SCRUM to plan our work, so we have time left over for family and free time pursuits. When we need to focus, we put on our headphones, turn on our favorite music, and we get it done.