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5/2020 (6m+)
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140 000 CZK
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Are you looking for a job that has a worldwide reach and deep purpose? 
Then come join a global healthcare leader as a Change Manager. You will be working in a small team on deploying a set of tools to countries around the world. 

Location: Prague 
Form of cooperation: Freelance contract
Start of cooperation: 12/2019

About the project:
The Change Management ensures that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient handling of all changes. A change is an event that results in a new status of one or more Configuration items (CIs), and which is authorized by appropriate management, with a minimum risk to business processes and IT infrastructure. Training is required before creating, reviewing, or approving any Change Management Documentation.

What will you be working on: 
Change Management activities:
- Coach, monitor and manage all aspects of the lifecycle of the change record
- Work with the Change Coordinator to ensure that the change meets requirements of the required SOPs
- Confirms Test and Implementation plans are available and meet all Policy, Functional Policy, and SOP requirements
- Submit changes for the required approvals
- Engage the Global IT Change Advisory Board (CAB), as required
- Ensure a Pre-Authorized Change is not executed during a change blackout period
- Review candidates for pre-authorization.
- Gain approval of candidates for pre-authorization and inclusion to the Common Catalog.
- Engage the appropriate Change Advisory Board (CAB), as required
- Manage the Common Catalog on behalf of the Change Management Authority.
- Periodically verify Common Catalog entries still meet pre-authorization criteria.

The Problem Management process is responsible for managing the Lifecycle of all Problems. Objectives of Problem Management are to prevent Incidents from happening, and to minimize the impact of Incidents that cannot be prevented.

Problem Coordinator activities:
- Manages and coordinates activities to ensure that the Problem Management Process is being followed throughout the lifecycle of a Problem investigation.
- Examine Incidents and identify details of potential Problem, register new Problem details and review and assign Problem investigation to Problem Specialist
- Review information and determine if investigation should continue
- Responsible for documenting the Root Cause and corrective and/or preventive actions (CAPAs) of Problems
- Ensure and monitor PBIs progress in timely manner and quality
- Problem Board periodic readout
- Close out the ticket once the preventative actions are implemented
- Report to management

The Demand Management is intended to understand projects initiatives, manage demand effectively, execute demand as work packages and projects and feed output back into the demand plan for continuous improvement and development. Demand Manager works with the team to ensure the best capacity utilization for each demand requirement.

Demand management activities:
- Work with platform leaders in client´s ITRMS division and engineering team in understanding the technology roadmap and strategic business initiatives.
- Provide inputs to "flex" service resources up or down as per the SLA defined to meet business demand.
- Support forecast the project initiatives lined up in ITRMS services and ascertain the delivery demand for the Engineering Team.
- Support forecast the demand for every technology area to drive supply chain activities on a continual basis.
- Support demand prioritization for all ITRMS services by working with client´s ITRMS platform leaders.
- Conduct forecast review meetings with ITRMS management on regular basis.
- Manage client´s SMEs and Partner resourcing plan to meet the forecasted demand for the account
- Identify demand forecast risks and develop effective mitigation plans.
- Analyze and troubleshoot demand related issues in a timely and accurate manner.