Fullstack Javascript Developer (19132)

8/2020 (3m+)
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7 600 EUR
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A skilled Fullstack JavaScript Developer wanted. Come work for an advanced technological company with innovative projects.
Location: Bratislava
Form of cooperation: Freelance contract
Start of cooperation: 01/2020
About the project:
You’ll be providing a development and architecture support for the client’s innovative in-house applications.
What you need to know: 
- excellent knowledge of modern JavaScript (ES6, ES7)
- experience with Vue.js, Vue Router and Vuex
- experience with Sass, Less and/or CSS Modules
- experience using Design Systems and building component library
- experience with Webpack
- ability to build and improve a REST/JSON API client
- ability to debug API responses
- write high-performance, reusable code for UI components
- BE Javascript – node.js - AWS Lambda
- Cognito
- Kinesis
- DynamoDB, Aurora, S3
- API Gateway, CloudFront, CloudFormation
- Cloudsearch
- CodeBuild, CodePipeline, Cloudwatch
- Scrum, Kanban
- Jira, Confluence
- Git (Codecommit), CI/CD (aws), Gitflow workflow, Forking workflow
- experience within a continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) environment