Web GUI Developer (19212)

8/2020 (1m)
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140 000 CZK
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We are currently seeking for the Web GUI Developer with strong knowledge of React.JS who will be working on Data Analytics Platform.

Location: Prague
Form of cooperation: Freelance contract / Permanent placement
Start of cooperation: 01/2020

About the project:
You will work on implementation of Collateral Management Engine.

What will you be working on:
- creation of a modern, user-friendly and efficient single-page web application with React.JS. - active UI -components communicating with each other, as well as the implementation of GUI backend communication via both REST/GraphQL interface and web sockets
- modelling of any page layout (e.g. Grid, Floating, ...) and the Look&Feel of web pages based on functional requirements using HTML and CSS (HTML5, CSS3) and their integration into React.JS
- efficient integration of charts with up to 1 million data points (response time of < 1 sec) into the web application with the help of charting-libraries with appealing UI design (such as high charts, fusion charts)
- creation of charts and their integration into the web application using so-called "server-side" charting libraries (image rendered on the backend) or the implementation of server-side libraries for the creation of charts
- integration of applications written in C/C++ using web assembly into the web application
- integration of 'real-time' data streams into a single-page web application via web sockets
- the integration more specifically implementation of authentication methods (such as SSO - 'single sign on', OAuth or LDAP)

What you need to know:
- React.JS
- GraphQL
- willingness to Travel to Frankfurt on a demand basis
- general knowledge of C/C++ is an advantage