Linux Kernel Engineer (33698)

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Vienna, Praha, Bratislava, Brno, Kosice
10/2023 (9m+)
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4 000 EUR
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Join a dynamic team as a Linux Kernel Engineer. Get hands-on with developing system-level patches, bringing up new hardware, and evolving vendor-specific features. Ideal candidates must understand Linux Kernel and C, have networking experience and knowledge of large source code management. Bonus points for those who have contributed to open-source projects, have experience with Yocto/OpenEmbedded framework and proficient in Jenkins CI model.

- develop Linux system-level patches for customer's internal distro based on OpenEmbedded/Yocto
- new hardware bring up (ARM64, x86 platforms)
- support and migration of an internal Linux distro to new versions of OpenEmbedded
- vendor-specific features development and upstreaming
- close interaction with opensource community
- resolving issues detected by the QA team

🎯 Skills
- Linux Kernel
- C, Networking, experience with one or more of ARM/x86/PPC/MIPS architecture(s)
- Git or any large source code management experience

💡 Plus
- contribution to various open-source projects
- experience with Yocto or OpenEmbedded to build the framework
- working with Jenkins and a continuous integration model
- understanding of Open Source LMBENCH, LTP, and any other tools

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