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Cloud Developer in Risk Product (Technology & Finance)

160 000 CZK
Czech, Praha
10/2019 , délka: 12 měsíce
Daniela Klečková
+420 737 833 008
We're working on a high-throughput streaming data ingestion and handling system, in a languageheterogeneous environment, with most of development being done in Java 8+, but also dabbling in Scala and Go. The architecture combines regular "web programming-style" synchronous calls via gRPC with actor model-inspired processors based on Kafka. From the code side we're using FPinspired approach, especially due to its better fitness to asynchronous and reactive processes. 

Localition: Prague 8
Form of cooperation: Freelance 💰
Task and responsibilities: 
- Design, develop, test, deploy, maintain and improve software 
- Manage your own project priorities, deadlines and deliverables
- Stay up to date on technology and help improve processes/culture  
Mandatory skills and experience: 
- Programming competency: Java, C++, JavaScript (at least one)  
- Background in building distributed applications on Linux or in a cloud native stack (ideally CNCF)  
- Familiarity with SQL databases 
- A degree in Computer Science, Math or Engineering or equivalent experience  
- An appreciation of the challenges of building, running and servicing a minimum downtime production system 
- Interest and ability to learn, collaborative working style 
- Very good written and spoken English skills 

Preffered skills/qualifications:
- Experience with developing cloud native and 12factor applications  
- Kubernetes experience on AWS, GCP or Azure 
- DevOps experience with GitHub, Terraform, CI/CD (Circle or similar)  
- Experience with NoSQL databases 
- An interest or background in financial markets and risk management 

Jazykové požadavky:

Anglický jazyk - 2 - velmi dobře

Znalosti IT:

Vývoj Java - Standard
Vývoj JavaScript - Standard
Vývoj C++ - Standard

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