Security Expert (36021)

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5/2024 (12m)
HPP Klient
110 000 CZK

Discover an exciting opportunity to become a Security Expert in reputable company. Your role will involve providing governance and risk advice, supporting IT functional team, and leading all aspects of a specific governance/risk area on a global scale. You'll track information risk and actively mitigate issues, ensure effective communication with Service Delivery Teams, and support the risk-based treatment of threats, vulnerabilities, and risks. To thrive in this role, you'll need a university-level degree in a business, IT, or scientific area, 5+ years experience in a similar role and 10+ years in IT, as well as knowledge of GxP regulated business processes and utilising the IMF Framework and ISRM Tools. Seize the opportunity to drive your career forward while making a substantial impact.

🚀 Project
- provide governance/risk advice 
support for an IT functional team
- lead all aspects of a specific governance/risk area globally
- monitoring of information risk and proactive mitigation of issues
- ensure good communication and collaboration with the Service Delivery Teams
- support risk-based treatment of threats, gaps, vulnerabilities, and risks

🎯 Skills
- University level degree in business/IT technical/scientific area 
5+ years of professional experience in a similar role, 10+ years of working experience in IT
GxP regulated business processes 
IMF Framework and ISRM Tools
- experience in reporting to and communicating with senior management
- ENG C1

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