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Microsoft SharePoint developer

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Czech, Praha
6/2019 , délka: HPP
Pavla Kubecová
+420 605 043 810
I am looking for Microsoft SharePoint developer to the banking sector based in Germany.

Location: Praha
Form of cooperation: HPP
Project: long-term, foreigners with good AJ are also welcome


The Cluster works on systems and processes supporting corporate procurement, real estate and environment, operations management, organizational data, internal and external communications and legal. The cluster comprises roles from defining business requirements, developing systems and operations (Biz Dev Ops approach).
Development is to take place in state-of-art agile mode, enabling to implement changes in systems affected within short release cycles. 
One core area technology is based on Microsoft, both on premise and in the cloud, the latter one growing quickly enabling a cloud first strategy. 
The main target for the SharePoint developer will be to create new SP sites based on the end users needs. 

The person will have to be able to communicate with the end users, to propose suitable solutions meeting the end user needs and also to evaluate existing sites design, propose improvements, maintan / adaptive develop existing sites in order to achive the best performance / efficient maintenance costs.

In addition to this you will be involved in various projects using the technology described below.

Your main tasks are: 

-Discussing business requirements and proposing adequate solution 
-Proposal of best way (time, budget, quality) of implementation
-Implementing SharePoint solution using the standard functionality as far as possible
-Supporting operations, incident handling
-Document the solution

.NetGood knowledge
MS SharePointHigh knowledge
ScriptingHigh knowledge
MS TeamsBasic knowledge 
MS Office 365Basic knowledge
JS/Angular/ReactJsGood knowledge


• Flexible working time – Generally, the employee is obliged to fill the whole quota of working hours during the whole month, the obligatory working time being from 10 am to 3 pm, the optional working time being from 6 am to 8 pm. This rule is conditioned by the needs of respective departments. 
• 6 weeks of vacation - The employer provides its employees 2 extra weeks of vacation per calendar year beyond the legal entitlement.  
• Meals contribution - Vouchers are provided in a total amount of 100 CZK per workday, and the employer pays 55% of this amount. 
• Reward for recommending of a new employee – If a new employee recommended by you is hired you are entitled to the reward of 50.000 CZK gross after his probation period. 
• Home office - The employer can allow the employee to work remotely from home. The decision of allowing Home Office is in competency of the responsible manager, where the technical and operational perspectives and needs and possibilities of each department have to be considered.  (After probation period) 
• Contribution to public transportation costs – Employees can redeem 100% of the annual ticket for public transport (After probation period) 

Jazykové požadavky:

Anglický jazyk - 2 - velmi dobře

Znalosti IT:

Vývoj Microsoft .NET - Standard
Vývoj SharePoint - Standard
Vývoj JavaScript - Standard

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