QA Tester (28852)

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7/2022 (12m+)
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120 000 CZK
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Do you know Python, Robot Framework and have a strong understanding of testing processes as well as design patterns? As a QA Tester you will be responsible for testing the whole cloud-based platform that allows brands to ingest all media transactions to track every campaign, tactic and publisher to optimize media spending. That Cloud-enabled platform is helping advertisers to take control of their operating model, capture lost value, and define success. Work remotely and challenge yourself by improving the application for the financial field.

🚀 Project
- testing the whole cloud-based platform
production of high-quality code at a high velocity
definition and evaluation of test automation best practices

🎯 Skills
Robot Framework, Python 
REST API, Swagger, Jmeter, Postman
design patterns  and ability to introduce them when needed
- ENG C1

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