Python Developer (19394)

7/2020 (3m)
Contract via CP
120 000 CZK
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This job position is not currently open
I am seeking for a back-end Python Developer to Prague. You will need 5 years of experience with programming in Python with a number of delivered projects. Contract is via CoolPeople. If you are looking for modern and inovative project, just contact me. 

About the project: 
- lead in moderate Agile
- robot framework is a keyword driven test automation tool qualified for functional testing of applications
- robot Framework to ALM convertor is an extension to current Robot Framework which allows automation of documenting Robot Framework test results in ALM
- test automation improves manual work of test engineers and by automating parts of the testing process, time spent on testing tasks decreases from days to hours

What you need to know: 
- excellent knowledge of Python 2.7/3.7
- you should be able to quickly adapt to the work with the following libraries:
- Pyunit, nose, pytest
- requests, paramiko, ssh
- pyodbc, jaydebeapi, cx_oracle
- Robot Framework (WebDriver standard – Selenium/Appium)
- flask, click
- SDLC process
- GIT (Bitbucket)
- Jira
- Confluence
- Jenkins CI
- professional project documentation (pydoc, markdown/Confluence)