DevOps Engineer (20279)

4/2020 (12m)
Contract via CP
100 000 CZK
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I am looking for an experienced System Administrator & DevOps Engineer contractor for the Europe's leading specialist in electric and telecommunications retailer and services company. This is a great opportunity for you to extend the senior development team and bring your skills and experience to work. 

What will you be working on:
- system Administration and DevOps Service/Function
- involvement within IT Infra/DevOps projects
- delivery of IT Infra/DevOps Service Improvement program
- delivery of IT Infra Technology roadmap and support in line with SLA and Service quality metrics for Linux Sys. Adm. team
- possible to keep our 24/7 on-call rota
- working with senior System Administration/DevOps team
- managing of large-scale production environment/high traffic website (ideally a transaction retail website)
- bringing new technologies (Cloud based infra service, Containers – Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Saltstack/Puppet, Graylog, Grafana, etc.) in place

What you need to know:
- experience with cloud platform (e.g. Azure, AWS, Google Cloud)
- knowledge of container orchestration – (e.g. Kubernetes, Docker Swarm)
- experience with infrastructure as code (e.g. Terraform)
- DevOps tools (e.g. Artifactory, Jenkins, GitLab)
- advanced experience of managing IT systems based on Linux, web servers
- knowledge of some scripting language (Bash, Python, Ruby)
- web based architecture and technologies (Load-balancing, reverse proxy, caching, HTTP servers)
- good working experience with virtualization platforms (e.g. VMware)
- experience with configuration management platforms (Puppet, SaltStack)
- experience with maintain of Atlassian products (Jira, Confluence, Bamboo, Bitbucket)
- server and application monitoring systems (Nagios/Neamon, AppDynamics, Grafana) 

I'm interested