iOS Developer (20739)

5/2020 (12m)
Contract via CP
7 000 EUR
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I’m looking for iOS Developer who loves to push their limits. As contractor via CoolPeople you will work on development of mobile application for more than 5 million customers across Europe which brings a digital banking experience that combines design and technology on an open platform.

What will you be working on:
- as iOS Developer you will implement new features for the client‘s banking platform
- when needed, change and extend existing features with refactoring
- your role is center-stage to the overall delivery process, assisting business analysts in 
  specifying new features
- working hand-in-hand with the design team to help create the best possible user experience
- live by the mantra, clean code is king, and developing top-quality mobile apps is in your 

What you need to know:
- several years of experience in iOS development within a dynamic Agile environment
- a toolkit-full of Swift expertise with some Objective C know-how on the side
- a healthy knowledge of Rest API, and source-code management using Git
- experience in refactoring and working with legacy code 

Nice to have: 
- seeing the poetry in clean, perfect code as you look to improve what is existing
- having already started on the road from journeyman to master
- being open-minded, dedicated and passionate about what you do
- respecting the challenges that others deal with, while strive to help the team reach its goals 
  and potential
- having the nature to stand the heat, noise and criticism without losing your smile

I'm interested