PHP Developer (21338)

9/2020 (12m+)
Contract Client
100 000 CZK
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This job position is not currently open
I’m looking for an experienced PHP Developer with great communication skills and ownership mentality. As a permanent contractor via CoolPeople you will be a part of the team where you will responsible for building and enhancing the cloud application written by PHP. In the process you would interact with talented technologies teams and other colleagues to extend clients core products. You can look forward to an opportunity of 100 % remote cooperation and a chance to be a part of a mission to make selling and buying apartments an enjoyable experience.

What will you be working on
- 65 % extend 3 existing products written in PHP (portal for real estate developers’ customers, 
  CRM for commercial leasing, property management CRM)
- 25 % build a new product from scratch using technologies of your choice (leverage the data 
  hiding in the existing ecosystem and build a presentation for them)
- 10 % identify and introduce new & noteworthy technologies 
- Frontend, backend, and APIs

What you need to know
- very good spoken and written technical English
- great communication and ownership mentality
- ability to deliver without constant supervision
- proactive approach to solving problems
- experience with building and maintaining products
- PHP, Symfony
- PostgreSQL, MySQL
- Debian Linux, Docker
- Jira, Bitbucket (+ Pipelines), Slack, Google Apps, Runscope, Sentry, New Relic, Weblate