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1/2022 (12m)
Vertrag über CP
8 000 EUR

Do you have know-how in virtualization, automation techniques and solid knowledge of Linux? I am currently looking for Linux Administrator who will support existing team in application operation, the administration of system environment, and ensure it's stability and availability. You will be responsible for monitoring and improving performance and capacity of ICT system and plan a future expansion. The ideal candidate for this position should have at least 4 years of experience and an excellent level of German language.

About the role
planning, coordination and implementation of the installation, configuration, operation and monitoring of the IT systems
- analysis and evaluation of internal and external data traffic, responsibility for secure connections
- a
nalyze problems and isolate and correct faulty conditions
- collaboration in the implementation of security measures and securing the system operation against attacks
- support of system services with network and system management systems
- evaluation, conception and preparation for use of new hardware and software solutions in your own
- evelopment and participation in the creation of playbooks using Ansible for the automated provision of server software 
- creation and maintenance of working documents and operational documentation

Your ideal profile
- knowledge of infrastructure and an interest in acquiring additional knowledge
- solid Linux knowledge (RHEL7.x)
- knowledge of the production operation of server applications under Linux including QA
- k
now-how in virtualization and automation techniques
- practice in evaluating log files (... grep, awk, sed ...)
authentication and authorization systems (Kerberos, SAML, ADFS)
- German language
- excellent logical-analytical thinking skills and organizational talent
- team player

Ich bin interessiert, kontaktieren Sie mich

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Kristian Psotny

+43 660 11 81 080

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