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Vienna, Bratislava
6/2024 (9m+)
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4 800 EUR

Join the team as an IT Analyst. Be part of an exciting project where youÔÇÖll configure and maintain infrastructure components, handle client incidents, attend vendor meetings, and much more. Perfect your skills with the exceptional team and work independently with a customer-oriented approach. I'm looking for someone with understanding in XML and experience in Jira, Confluence, boasting excellent communication skills in English. 5+ years experience in SWIFT, SWIFT Services, and SWIFT Network is a must same as C/C++ knowledge and CEE languages.

­čÜÇ Project
- configure and maintain infrastructure components (Intercope Box Message Hub)
- handle customer change requests, incidents and problems according to defined processes and policies
- communicate with customers in case of incidents, problems, change requests, etc. 
- communicate across the company in case of troubleshooting, change requests, maintenance, etc.
- monitor operations in order to fulfill existing contracts (oSOWs, SLAs, etc.)
- attend vendor meetings and be responsible for research and optimization of already used or new SWIFT components 
- create and update customer documents and internal documentation

­čÄ» Skills
- 5+ years experience in SWIFT, SWIFT Services (FIN, InterAct, FileAct) and SWIFT Network
- C/C++
- CEE languages
- XML understanding
- experience with Jira, Confluence
-  teamplayer
- working independently and having a customer oriented approach
- communication skills
- ENG B2

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