Tech Lead (31031)

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2/2023 (12m)
Kontrakt cez CP
130 000 CZK
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Are you a strong communicator with fullstack background? Do you have a knowledge of Angular/React and would you like to connect those on a leadership level? As a Tech Lead you will join an American project and help drive operational excellence in software applications and ensure client satisfaction at scale by ensuring smooth functioning of technical operations and enabling high performance of technical teams. If you also have a good understanding of microservice architecture and agile programming methodology, this position is for you.

­čÜÇ Project
- providing technical leadership, and ensuring compliance with development process and standards
- leading development operations, in conjunction with new feature enhancements, after an application has gone live
- migrating code through various environments, creating code branches, resolving merge conflicts
- designing code review guidelines and policies
- helping to identify issues, provide feedback, propose solutions, drive them
- screening candidates and assist with hiring to get top talent on board
- evaluating quality of developers, providing feedback and mentoring

­čÄ» Skills
- fullstack background (.NET, C#) 
- Angular/React (ability to facilitate complex FE-focused discussions)
- strong communicaton skills (for both technical and business people)
- good understanding of microservice architecture
- knowledge of design patterns
- strong understanding of the agile programming methodology
- EN C1

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