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9/2023 (12m)
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Shape the future by designing and developing high-performing energy trading platforms. Expect to onboard new technologies, push significant product changes and collaborate across the company. Ideal candidate should have proficiency in Java or Kotlin, Spring Framework 5+, SQL, Hibernate, AMQP, preferably RabbitMQ, and Git. Knowledge of Kafka, RabbitMQ Streams, FE technologies, Gradle, Maven, cloud technologies and others would be a plus. You'll be part of a transformative project right from the design stage to production. Apply now and take your Software Developer career to the next level.

- designing and developing highly performant energy trading platforms
- on-boarding new technologies and pushing significant changes and initiatives within product
- collaborate across the company
- identify solutions and develop them from initial design stage all the way through to production

­čÄ» Skills
- Java or Kotlin
- Spring Framework 5+
- SQL (PostgreSQL)
- Hibernate
- AMQP (ideally RabbitMQ) or JMS
- Git

­čĺí Nice to have
- Kafka, RabbitMQ Streams
- knowledge of FE technologies like HTML, CSS, Node.js, React, REST API
- Gradle, Maven
- cloud technologies
- Docker, Jenkins, OpenShifz, Prorobuf, gRPC

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